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The Carbon Classroom

In July 2013 we were awarded a Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) grant to develop our 'Carbon Classroom' project. We supported local residents and communities to tackle climate change by reducing personal and collective carbon footprints. Throughout 2014 and 2015 we did lots of things to help people grow more of their own food; reduce the amount of food they waste; make better buying choices to reduce food miles and make more of their own compost.

In 2014/2015 we:

Ran 4 'Grow Your Own courses for people new to growing fruit and vegetables

Offered workshops to local schools and community groups about local food and reducing carbon footprints

Hosted 2 Transition Turriefield opens days to find out about what we do and how to go about carbon saving

Hosted visits to Transition Turriefield for schools, local groups and individuals to learn about growing, carbon reduction and sustainable food production

Held Local Producer events in the Westside of Shetland for the local community to find out what produce is available and how to get it.

Attended the Shetland Food Fair to raise awareness of local food production

Gave out 100 'Grow Packs' with compost, seeds and containers so those new to growing could try 'growing their own'

Created and gave out leaflets to help and support people in:

Growing in Shetland
Reducing food miles
Reducing food waste
Understanding the carbon costs of food

Offered help with setting up compost bins and systems

Although the CCF funded project has now finished, The Carbon Classroom continues to offer information advice, support, workshops and training. Transition Turriefield runs open days and site visits throughout the growing season. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about what we do. Details can be found on our contact page.

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