Transition Turriefield

Fresh local food for a more sustainable future

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Volunteers are a key part of the Transition Turriefield workforce. We have both local people who come and work with us for a few hours at a time and 'WWOOFers' who come and live with us, working full-time for their board and lodging. Our CSA veg box scheme members also give voluntary hours to help us run the project, as part of their commitment to local food production. Volunteers range in age from under 18 to 70+ and there are a range of activities to suit all ages and physical abilities. Since 2014 we have offered longer term volunteer stays, internships and apprenticeship opportunities for young people.

Volunteers learn about growing organically and get to be 'hands on' with the animals. They are involved in sowing seeds, transplanting seedlings, weeding, harvesting, making up veg boxes, building polytunnels, hen houses and compost bins; cleaning out poultry, working with sheep and, of course, clearing ground. All our Board members are volunteers too and often help out with on the growing side of things. Less physical volunteering opportunities are available as well, such as helping at training events or serving teas at our open days.

We would never be able to achieve what we do without our volunteers. In the 2015 season 45 individuals gave more than 6500 hours of their time to help us grow our produce and develop the project. The volunteers themselves gained a better understanding of organic growing, permaculture techniques and fossil fuel free agricultural and horticultural practice. Young people born and brought up in cities experienced rural living and working with animals. They got a better insight into the complex process of commercial food production and all it entails to get produce to shops and supermarkets. All our volunteers take away a desire to grow more of their own produce and make their food more local.

If you are interested in knowing more about volunteering, an internship or apprenticeship with us please get in touch. Details can be found on the contacts page. If you would like to know more about volunteering in general, a link to Voluntary Action Shetland can be found on our links page. Information about WWOOF UK can be found there too.

"My view of life has changed, my mind is full of ideas and I'm think about how I can start
an organic farm when I get home"


"I feel so proud. I've made something grow!"


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